Centennial Soccer Club Inc

About CSCP

Centennial SCP



of Piscataway), is a non‐profit organization founded February 2016 by a group of parents that

envision creating a competitive youth soccer program in Piscataway that teaches and develops

soccer basics to advanced skills as well as embraces the competitive nature of the sport and the

lessons learned from wins as well as losses.


The basic philosophy which drives the goals of this club is "Work Hard ‐ Play Hard". Players are

expected to develop an understanding and respect for the sport and their team through the


  • Good sportsmanship on and off the field
  • Respect for other players on the field, referees, and coaches
  • Earning maximum playing time through "best effort" practices
  • Development in the primary pillars of the game:

○ Technical technique on the ball

○ Playing tactics throughout the game

○ Physical and mental ability and preparedness through practices and games


The Centennial Soccer Club of Piscataway is committed to teaching fundamental skills, instilling

confidence, and building a love for the game of soccer in youth players ages 9 and up while

continuing to develop those players to their highest potential through coaching and effective

training in a positive environment.


The Centennial Soccer Club is operated by volunteer parents that are dedicated to ensuring that their children learn the game in a positive and enriching environment that fosters skill growth and good sportsmanship. The parents of this club are committed to teaching their players life lessons in leadership, self‐discipline, confidence, and fortitude.

Our Commitment to the families of the Piscataway Community:

  • Establish a culture and atmosphere where family values, sportsmanship, fair play,

honesty, integrity and loyalty are the foundation for Centennial Soccer Club.

  • Create an environment where players are developed to their fullest potential and have

the best chance of self‐actualizing as citizens, students and athletes.

  • Provide professional leadership, dedicated coaching and instructions with an emphasis on

life skills, gameplay fundamentals, strategy, clean living, good health and having fun!

  • Centennial Soccer Club strives to field the best possible teams and produce the highest

level of competitive players - admired for their skills and respected for their



This association shall be affiliated and comply with, the authority of the NJ State Youth Soccer

Association, the US Soccer Federation and FIFA.

CENTENNIAL SOCCER CLUB, INC. has no political affiliation.

P.O.Box 493 Piscataway, NJ 08855 Email: cscpinfo@gmail.com Tel: (732) 667-7580